Jumbo Triangular Coloured MAGIC Pencils 3404N


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Amazing triangle colour pencils MAGIC TR 10.4mm, 15 in SET

  • in wooden envelope from 100% FSC certified wood with special high quality tri-colour lead - 3 colour shades in a single lead. 15 pcs set including eraser and sharpener. Ergonomic triangle shape permits optimum grip and guiding of the pencil. permits optimum grip and guiding of the pencil. The pencil creates multi-colour trace that changes by rotating the tip. Unique for colouring of larger areas where multiple colour shades should alternate, e.g. grass, sea, and more. To reach the colour effect when using different drawing techniques (shading, hatching) the resulting drawing effect is more plastic compared to drawing with the use of classic colour pencil
  • MPN: 3404N15001KS

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