World unique crayon Magic

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Specialty of the company KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH a.s.

A multi-color graphite in perfect mosaic in the crayon Magic, which has been patented already in 1936. The original purpose of the mosaic graphite was to ensure the originality of a signature, therefore its original purpose was for the office use. Today is the crayon Magic popular in the world among children, and even artists. The newly introduced set tone of colored crayons Magic has become literally a bomb at a trade fair in Frankfurt, ASL in 2012. In America, they are sold out a year ahead. Special crayons with multi-colored core, composited into colorful checkerboard, creates varicolored chameleon mark.

My rating of Magic crayons:

Crayons draw very nicely, the scale of colors is above standard and are great to hold, thanks to the fact that they have triangular shape. It will not be a problem to hold it, not even for young children. I positively evaluate the possibility of joining the shades, because it makes the drawing more perfect. The crayons can be blurred and over the intensity of colors can be erased. For this purpose is good to use the original eraser (rubber) Magic. The only disadvantage can be sharpening of the graphite, as not every sharpener can be used with triangular crayon. The price is very friendly towards the performance. Everyone who likes drawing should get their own set.



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