Watercolor Pencils Mondeluz

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Mondeluz are artistic watercolor crayons, created by KOH-I-NOOR.

The maximum number of colors is 72. Crayons can be purchased in paper or in a tin box. In both packages the crayons are the same quality, whether they are packed in paper or in the metal. It is also possible to buy colored pencils individual pieces as they are numbered from 1-72.

kohinoor mondeluz crayons

Crayons have a rich colours, expressive and soft.

They make the space between colour lines whiter, so the picture than looks more plastic. The trail is not perfectly smooth. It is because these crayons can be brushed with water. After brushing is then the same colour at all points in the area. It is necessary to paint and not to spray with water. If you spray water, colors may blur.

I personally use these crayons when drawing cities, landscapes, backgrounds or for a coloring books.

The advantage of these crayons is in good availability and favorable price for art crayons. The advantage is also blurring with the water. A disadvantage can be when using water for drawing on thinner papers, the paper may wrinkle.


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