Traditional Watercolors of KOH-I-NOOR

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We come across with watercolours for the first time when we are young. They accompany us until adulthood. It is the basis of all the school equipment or the first children's formation. They are simple to use, easy to paint and the results can often look very professional. They can be combined in different painting techniques

Traditional colors are watercolors of koh-i-noor, which are known for their quality.

Koh-i-noor, a traditional Czech company, supplies the whole world with art equipment for many years already, so there is virtually nobody in the world who would not see these colors. Therefore, if you are setting up a room for your child, you should not forget to include a set of these watercolours. Because whether he or she use them in school or not, they can be used at home any time and your child can paint nice characters, landscapes, or other paintings.

Instructions for use are simple.

Prepare a piece of paper, brushes, a cup of water, and possibly something to protect the table or even clothes. Then you get a good soak for all the brushes and put a drop of water to all the colors. If you would like to have the water colors on paper even more saturated, add a little bit of liquid soap. And you can get to drawing!

The only disadvantage of watercolors is their bad patch.

If you make a mistake on your drawing, you will repair it very badly. The advice is that you should soak the watercolour on the paper with large amounts of water. However, if you use a too much water, the paper will be soaked.


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