Legendary KOH-I-NOOR Soft Kneaded Eraser

Posted by Martin Valek on

Soft Kneaded Eraser became the most popular one. This eraser has a wide range of usage. It can be used to erase lines from natural or artistic angle, grafit pencil and other drawing tools. This rubber is unvulcanized and shapeable. It feels very soft and fine. The rubber can be distinguished by a strong adherence to the surface which guarantees perfect job.

Soft Eraser KOH-I-NOOR

Some artists even use this eraser to shade a drawing that is made of chalk pastels. It only depends on the pressure exerted on the object. We definitely recommend this eraser. It is a must have in a drawing collection. Soft Kneaded Eraser is highly used for dealing with less adhesive tools that most artists like to work with. It is also very easy to hold in hand which makes it pleasant to erase even for children.


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