Chalk Holder 5343 - The most useful tool from KOH-I-NOOR

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Chalk holder Versatil 5343 is among the most useful tools that KOH-I-NOOR offers. If you don't want to get your hands dirty when drawing, this chalk holder is the right thing for you.

I know it very well. When I draw, I need both my hands free and ideally clean. It is not very practical to clean or wash your hands all the time. That is why I tried Versatil 5343...

5343 Koh-i-noor chalk holder


I most frequently use rounded or square chalks Gioconda and the holder fits to both. Versatil is black with 9mm diameter. It is smooth and easy to clean, which is absolutely practical. Although I really like, it does not have grater. So I have to rely on my own scrubber or grater. Anyway, it should be a part of every drawing equipment.

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  • A good product. Un buon prodotto. Ho risolto il problema del gesso, non devo più lavarmi le mani dopo ogni lezione.

    fabio on

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